My name is Tanya Tassi and while staying home is preferred and is the best way to save lives, many of us are still working during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to recently updated guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the City of Los Angeles, I am collecting homemade masks for those who cannot stay home and those who are most vulnerable to infection. Are you sheltering in place, handy with a needle and thread or trying to find a way to help others right now?  Make and mail me some masks!

Who are they for?

  • Staff at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, who are on the front lines providing services to clients during this crisis. We provide services to more people than any other LGBT organization in the world.
  • Clients visiting the Los Angeles LGBT Center's health services area, who are required to wear a mask by Los Angeles County's order.
  • Seniors in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas who are at a high risk of contracting the coronavirus. Los Angeles is home to over 1,889,056 older adults aged 60+.

Where will they be distributed?

  • I'll be distributing masks to older adults in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas who must leave leave their homes to shop for essentials or to attend medical appointments during the pandemic.
  • Clients entering the Los Angeles LGBT Center's clinic are offered a disposable mask. Hand made masks are now available for those who do not have their own washable face cover.
  • Staff from the Los Angeles LGBT Center will be offered homemade face covers. **The Center provides front line employees with PPE. Homemade masks are being offered as a way to prolong mask usage and supply and allow employees to change to a cloth covering during their breaks and travel .

How do I make a mask?

  • Here is a link for instructions on how to make a simple mask - no sewing machine required.
  • Here is a link for instructions on how to make an Olsen mask with a filter.
  • Here is a link for instructions on how to make a filter mask - no sewing machine required.
  • Here is a link for instructions on how to make different sized masks for youth and adults.
  • Keep scrolling to the bottom for instructional videos on how to make your own mask.

Who do I mail the masks to?

I can't make masks, can I donate?

  • YES, and thank you.  Donations will be used to purchase materials. See PayPal button below.

A hand-made mask is NOT a substitute for a medical-grade mask, but it is an alternative for people who must go outside and interact with others during the pandemic. As of April 2nd, 2020; all Los Angeles County residents must use facial covers such as masks, scarves, and bandannas to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

N95 and other medical grade masks are reserved for health care workers.


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