Hi, my name is Tanya, and I have strong Ukrainian ties.  My cousins and other family members continue to live and work in various parts of Ukraine despite the war, which started in February of 2022 with no end in sight.

As the Russian military invasion of Ukraine continues, so does the humanitarian crisis that has forced innocent Ukrainian civilians to flee their homes or take refuge in underground shelters and subway stations throughout the country.

Critical supplies remain limited in many areas, and Russian President Putin is now using the freezing winter temperatures as another weapon against Ukraine, cutting power in major cities, leaving up to six million people in the dark and without heat.

I've partnered with several friends in Ukraine to collect donations, and this page is dedicated to sharing verified information on how you can help.

My friend Vladislav and his family have already collected enough funds to purchase generators and power banks for the 4th operational brigade to the National Guard of Ukraine. These will power their hospitals, kitchens, phones, drones, and more. They've also purchased 241 stoves for people who do not have the means to cook inside their homes due to missile damage or a power outage.  Currently, Vladislav is asking for donations to buy a pickup truck for Ukrainian troops.

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Donate to Vladislav via Paypal: naprikovsky@gmail.com

My friend Anton created a rescue center to save animals left homeless/ownerless due to the war.  They're working in the dark much of the time due to the lack of power.  They've provided temporary housing, medical care, and nutrition for hundreds of pets.

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Donate to Anton's animal rescue via Paypal or Venmo@UAnimalRescue

My friends Sofia and Yuriy at Ukraine Pride are raising funds for LGBTQ+ people and their families who have been affected by the war. They started out doing relocation assistance, but when Bucha, Irpin, and Hostomel were destroyed by Russian forces, leaving the small villages in ashes and hundreds of its citizens lying dead in the streets or dumped into mass graves, they began to do outreach in the hardest hit areas, offering basic necessities to anyone in need.

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My friend Marta is collecting funds and items for the Ukranian Army.  She holds a fundraiser every week called “Coffee Fridays” where she encourages people to donate the money they'd usually spend on a coffee to Ukraine.  Her young daughter Sofia also sells handmade paintings with all proceeds going to help Ukraine.

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Contact Marta to order a painting from Sofia: 908-294-0755

Venmo Marta to donate to the Ukranian Army at Marta Mertazin